Friday, October 17, 2014

An Ode to Kahoko Handmade Rugs

I can't seem to stop checking their instagram and looking at their website, maybe it's an odd addiction or maybe an unhealthy obsession but ...

Their rugs are so amazing!

I cannot remember how I stumbled upon this site but I am glad I did. Ka-hoko, beautiful company that funds natives to create handmade organic rugs in Africa, not only do they look unique and original, but they return some of the profits back to the community to support their artisans in continuing their craft.

I believe the society's focus on pushing digital and technological advancements has driven the art trend to lean towards a slick, futuristic, sleek, chic design. Finding companies that are dedicated to bringing some cultural essence and modern traditionalism back to our generation is a greatly appreciated and valued. 

I hope to some day have enough of the funds to buy one of these gorgeous creations but until then all I can do is share them on my little itsy bitsy blog. =) 

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Gloomy today

How I deal...

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The Walking Dred

Olivia suggested I draw something more current. Boom!

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There have recently been a flurry of Fashion Weeks and oh how beautiful all the creations were! I can't join in but I can  draw it!

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Ninja Turtle Masks

Date night at the Target..ends with us wearing Ninja Turtle masks. 

My instagram is: opheeeelia

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nail polish fail


Not too many people know this but here's a little fact of the day. I share the same birthday as my Dad and my Mom's is the day right after! Trifecta! 

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