Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Dailies

I have always felt that sketching is very essential to honing your craft. You stop for a bit and you can lose it. Well, enough excuses and let's try to restart this journey.

I'm going to try to draw a quick sketch every day this month, I've been inspired by Olivia from her and her friend Agnes's NanoWriMo/Daily drawings in November to give this a shot myself.

I'm not a great artist, I don't really think I have that unique of an imagination. I can draw what is pre-designed quite easily, think inanimate objects, cartoons, or fruit or shoes or my thumbnail or something... ew..

Anyway, this is the month where I attempt to start drawing again. I'm not really determining a particular theme of what to draw but allow myself to switch from cartoons to realistic renditions, from pen to paint... the goal is to basically try.

Day 1!

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  1. Whoo, I'm excited that you're doing this! Cute! :)