Friday, November 29, 2013

Small upgrades

Can it really be the end of November already? We are literally days away (maybe 30+ days but still) from another new year! Whaaaa??

It's time to start the reflection process. You know what I'm talking about, that time when you finally put a stop to what you are doing and think back to what you've accomplished and what you hope to accomplish.

I started making small upgrades at home. First with rearranging my furniture and cleaning more often. Then with finally painting the wall I've been meaning to paint for ages. Then putting up shelves... and finally, reupholstering my chairs.

Simple but big impact.

Boom. It took about $20 to buy the fabric, gather the staple gun/staples, and a few hours to make a small but meaningful change. I think this is applicable to everything in life. A little elbow grease to make a successful change. 

I challenge you to try to make little adjustments in your life. Try it! You can't improve if you never start.

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