Wednesday, October 16, 2013


My Fall/Autumn comfort shoes. 

A few months back I was offered a lovely gift from a future family relation and upon receiving it I realized...I need photos!

Lookie lookie at my new TOMS. If you are unfamiliar with the TOMS cause and pledge then please visit their website for more info and please consider supporting this effort.

I don't really have a specific reason for showing as many photos of my TOMS as I am here but they are so adorable and have that little pop of teal or turquoise on the bottoms.

TOMS Teal Pop Herringbone Women's Classics

Comfy? Yes.

Fashionable? Yes but depends

Worth the money? For the cause yes of course..for just the quality of the shoes? No, they will not last you that long but if you consider it a donation with a bonus then you're in the clear. I say if you can afford to buy one then please go and at least try them on. I love mine!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


I've grown up with my dad always tinkering away in the garden, watering from dawn to dusk and often annoying my mom whenever she had to yell at him for the third time to come in to eat dinner. I have always appreciated the gorgeous variety of colored flowers that populated that little back pockets of the garden. Nowadays I wonder if I could ever recreate such masterful techniques...

Turns out I can't or didn't. R.I.P. lemon tree... but check this flower out!

It lives in the front yard of my house and sits quietly by the door to greet me day in and day out. The only credit I can take is that I water occasionally and I do not tend to set plants on fire. Go me!

Friday, October 11, 2013

It's Autumn again...

I feel like I spend almost 75% of the year waiting for summer to arrive. Once it does, I sweat out all the excitement and after a blink of an eye, it's Fall again. Boo.

BUT this isn't a post to discuss post-traumatic summer syndrome, it's to celebrate the real start to a new season! Hello Autumn, how the heck are ya?

I'm going to try to spend the rest of this month trying to capture some beautiful elements of Autumn... that is, the most beautiful CALIFORNIAN Autumn elements so no snow, still massive sunshine, but my personal interpretation of my Fall. :)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A little positivity for a dull day


For the most part offices are bland..stale..confined. There is always an attempt to embellish and add a splash of color but the end result is a mocking attempt to bring happiness to a stark space. But what can we really say? The office is for work, not for play.

It goes without saying that no one enjoys being in an office for 8+ hours, if they say they do then they are lying and you best find another person to talk to because liars are liars are liars!

Well, as a feeble attempt to add a touch of happiness, I tried to bring in a plant. One of those silly $1 (though mine was $2 or $2.50?? what a rip off) plants that you add seeds + water + dirt and sit back to watch the magic happen.

Well, I watched. I watched it flourish for a month or two and then I watched it shrivel and sit there sadly begging me to help. I'm sorry little plant! I watered you and it didn't help! Now this little elefante sits there sadly...and it almost morbidly parallels my excitement for jumping into the working world. Excitement followed by fizzled numbness...sad? A little. Exaggerating? Maybe a little.

BUT! Turns out there is a point to this post.

I bet a lot of you feel the same way. I bet you all are thinking the same thing - work is work is money is work. Survival is key. But whether or not you stick to your boring 9 to 5 or not, just remember that there is plenty of time to also explore your other areas of interest. 

I look to those bloggers and vloggers and designers and ...well, many other people who are working in jobs they enjoy and realize it's not a dream. It's a step out into something that may seem uncomfortable and unstable at first but working hard to make that goal into a reality!

I still hope to eventually find an outlet (job or hobby) that can allow me to challenge myself and create work that I love AND make money from it. I haven't found that yet but that will not stop me from trying to find it. Good luck to you if you're on the same boat. No need to bust out those life vests yet, you can still sail through..ok, enough of the nautical themed lessons. 

Elefante may be dying a little, but he reminds me to work harder. He also reminds me to water him more without drowning him. Tomorrow's Friday! TGIF and it means another great start to a weekend of possibilities! Positivity can be contagious and I certainly hope this will be. Let's do this!

In other news, my hair is long. Eep.