Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Slappy Monday

Oh no, is it time already? Does anyone else feel like all our weekends fly by with a blink of an eye before BLAM! Sneaky dreadful Monday returns for its sequel. A terrible continuous sequel...

I may be slightly exaggerating but truth is, Mondays are always the toughest days to pass by. We all just had a delightful two days of sleeping in, walking around comfortably in pajamas, dropping everything to go out for a mid-afternoon outing or coffee/tea dates..

And while realistically we knew we were limited to how much we could do in the span of two very short days, we still act very surprised and tired when we hit the snooze alarm on Monday. And we have no one to blame but ourselves. Why did we stretch ourselves so thin in just two measly days? Why did we think we could recuperate from the tiredness immediately? Why did we think we were invincible?

We aren't. We are but human. And humans hate Monday. The end.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Baby Shower.

I was always always one of those children who were in a great hurry to grow up and become an adult. Play in the jungle gyms? Please. I would walk the two blocks to buy the daily newspaper and try to read the articles back to back while secretly eyeing the moment I could switch to the comic dailies. I wanted to grow up but I think I wanted to want to more than actually wanting to...get it?

Anyway, I am grown up now and I don't want to keep growing up anymore. Stupid little me, just enjoy and cherish the moment of your youth. 

As I grow up, I'm required to do grown up things like paying bills, working jobs, attending weddings, and finally attending baby showers. Speaking of... I attended my first baby shower yesterday!

My eldest cousin announced their exciting little news a bit before the beginning of summer and suddenly growing up seemed more real than ever. Odona and I arrived at the house at noon on Saturday ready to discover what baby showers embodied. Turns out, it's a lot about food and gifts.

Portos goodness

My other cousin (baby daddy's sister) who also happens to be a talented graphics designer, designed the theme and decor for this shower. What's the marvelous theme? Star Wars: Baby Edition! Check out these custom ordered cookies!

My contribution? During the announcement of the baby's gender, they cut open the celebratory cake for all of us (who were dying of anticipation btw) only to find the blue dye had mixed funny and... We all surprisingly found a green cake! Hahah well, I decided to use that little incident in my congrats card! 

I enjoy hand writing this font btw!

And there went our first baby shower! I'm sure it's the first of many but I'm glad our first experience was with family! Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Closing out 626 Night Market for 2013

For the past three months of this summer, there has been an Asian foodie enthusiast phenomenon. Hundreds of vendors and food trucks line the grounds of the Arcadia Santa Anita Park Race Track from 4pm till midnight for this year's 626 Night Market to bring the essence of what the famed Taiwanese night markets offered.

I haven't participated all summer but decidedly made the (very quick) journey to the last 626 Night Market for this year. We arrived to the giant chaotic parking lot and surprisingly found a compact little spot in the farthest corner of Narnia.

I'm sure most people feared the uncomfortable humidity and heat of the late summer in the San Gabriel Valley but this particular day's heavy set clouds gave a nice cover to enable us to walk around without the company of stress dripping down our backs. Thanks, clouds.

We found ourselves surrounded by endless options and decidedly jumped in head first for this gorge party. 

Soon enough the sun set into the horizon 

And the mighty Odona ran her last race for the evening

And the parents took their last movie star pic for the night

How many Mommas can you spot?

We got back home feeling a mixture of satisfaction and regret. Good night, 626 Night Market! Thanks for the fulfilled discomfort..till next year!