Friday, May 17, 2013

Month of May

So according to my Dashboard on Blogger, my last entry was March 14, a tiny bit over two months ago. I can't really say sorry again because I just have lost a lot of interest in updating this little online journal I have. But it's not an excuse, it's not a good reason either. I must pull through and stay dedicated to keeping track of my life.

Ah, life. Life is good and while I do not have anything extremely significant to share I can tell you that I am overall happy.

For some reason my nightly discussions with Jimmy yesterday lead to the idea of repeating high school. He excitedly nodded to the idea of doing it all over again with his best friends at a time when life seemed more carefree. I suppose everyone has a different experience because although I had great friends and happy memories as well, I could not imagine redoing that again.

I can only reason that it is because of the age range in which high school falls in - though you see it in movies and tv shows, nothing quite prepares you for how your adolescence will be like. I won't speak for anyone else but for me I was shy, self-conscious, self-degrading, angry many of times, scared to speak my mind, lost at what I was really doing... times were tough!

My point of writing this out is if there is someone younger reading this just know that all the fear and hate and discomfort is...well, it's actually normal! You aren't meant to know why life is the way it is, you aren't meant to explain why you like one thing while all the popular kids like something else, you aren't meant to follow some unspoken ranking of popularity...but you will likely fall into the stereotypes, you will likely make mistakes and that is okay. The biggest secret to life that I have found is that making mistakes is part of the journey. You hate yourself for making them in the moment but will love yourself for making them later. Keep that in mind =)

In other news, Mother's Day was just this past weekend and we celebrated it with this:


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