Thursday, March 14, 2013

My 2013 Goal

I had a goal in the beginning of this year and I am actually still pursuing it! Ten pounds, one year. To some the reaction is: "Woah! Why?" and to others the reaction is more like: "Why only ten pounds? You need an entire year?"

Well, this is a personal choice to make some life changes! I am not a big girl by any means but as a former active athlete, I struggle to keep a healthy weight nowadays. After I stopped my intense routines, I did not transition back well - I used to eat more to support all the activity but once I stopped working out (a min of 4 times a week, 2 hrs each time) I did not stop eating the same amount..this did not change till about a year or so later! Anyway, I want to slowly tweak, edit, and substitute things in my daily routine. Any weight loss will be gradual and comfortably done so. Ten pounds is the goal, if I surpass it then that will be fine as well.

To start off with, I have decided to cut down my processed foods intake - lessen the amount of chips, candy, sweet sugary drinks, chocolate... the most difficult is of course my somewhat daily Starbucks morning coffee. I currently drink it three times a week and will most definitely cut down eventually but sigh, one step at a time!

I had given up soda about 3-4 years ago with the occasional sip at events that do not offer water. I have also gotten back on the exercise wagon, trying to run a mile at least once or twice a week which I do want to eventually push to achieve more. Overall, I am trying to be more active this year.

If you are also interested in bettering your life, I hope to offer some motivation and ideas for activities! I'm no fitness guru or motivational speaker but I'd like to share my experiences with you all. :)

Activity idea:

Grab some bikes, sunglasses, sunblock, water and hit the streets! Especially on a beautiful sunny day, you may find new sights to see and new experiences waiting for you.

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