Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Still sick

friendship....lending your butt for a friend to sleep on??

I have had the worst few weeks from this flu. I am now laying in bed with a slight headache and many inconsistent hacking cough attacks, trying to find the words to describe how I feel. Let's try a list form:

Sick (duh)

Weak (sucks)

Helpless (suckier)

Upset (possibly from all the suckiness)

Hungry (at least I'm not THAT sick)

Sleepy (suckiest b/c I cannot sleep)

I've been laying here for the past few days trying to get some rest yet every time I try to close my eyes, I wake up to coughing! Ick.

Many episodes of Sex and The City later, I'm back at that point I always return to after watching such a fashionable lifestyled show... sitting in front of my closet, looking at all the clothes I've collected over the years, and still wondering, "Why do I not have anything to wear?"

Do any of you feel that way? I think it's a terrible waste of time to do this to ourselves, we all have the capabilities to pull together decent creative outfits from what we own but what we really lack is patience. I am going to make it a goal to try harder when I'm feel better. I want to stop spending money to try to find what I am uncertainly searching for.

Why did I start watching this show while I am sick? It makes me feel so sloppy! Lol, ok, I'm going to try to nap again. I am very sure it will end up unsuccessful but hey, A for effort!

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