Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting off the new year right

We woke up bright and somewhat early to prepare for a moderate hike through the neighborhood San Gabriel Valley Mountains.

A few miles northeast of our humble abode we came to (finally) find a parking spot somewhat near the entrance to the entrance. Yes, you read that correctly...the entrance to the entrance.

Before walking towards the hiking sign, we found a small clearing between two residential homes and saw four real life deers. Real deers posing as lawn ornaments...

As we walked towards the entrance of the entrance to the trails, I found a bold reminder that parks are not monitored on New Years day...

We started off walking through the mile long trek to the... you guessed it! To the beginning of the hiking trail. Once we approached the signs directing which sides of the fork to take and decided the "Easy" hiking trail was a bit too basic for us sporty folk.

Onward we walked, steeper and steeper the pavement roads became. Soon we were faced with another fork in the road, keep walking? Or time to turn back? We kept walking.

We came upon the Ben Overturf Trail and found a few photo worthy moments. Here's one!

All in all it was a lovely 3.5 hour 17 mile hike.

Happy new year, everyone! Don't stop to look back, keep moving forward, cheers!

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