Thursday, January 3, 2013



I have decided that though it is definitely cliche, I still want to make my list for new year goals. Why not? It is the perfect way to keep track because we always start from 1.

I have made a small list of resolutions/goals and ...ahem, here we go:

- I want to eat less crap this year. Not give them up completely... but less crap. 

- I want to lose a total of 10 lbs this year. One year, 10 pounds. I think that is doable.

- Keep working on improving my posture while sitting, walking, even standing. 

- Being more conscious on what I am spending money on - I like shopping for clothes, shoes, beauty... let's make better decisions this year!

- Let go of grudges, try my best to focus on positivity. Positive thinking is what will really keep me healthy.

So that's it for now! Perhaps I'll think of more later on but I said it so I shall do it. Go me!

What about any of you?

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