Sunday, January 27, 2013


First excitement for 2013, a Muse concert!

Checking my camera before the show began... nope, still  dark.

Then it starts!

If you are interested in going to future Muse concert then you should! They are very good live =) Check one on my To Do List!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ah, finally. After a week and a half of coughing hell, I am feeling healthy enough to step out of the sick bubble and breathe fresh air. Everyone, please take care of yourself and if you are flu/cold infested then please quarantine yourself too!

More bloggy entries soon!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Still sick

friendship....lending your butt for a friend to sleep on??

I have had the worst few weeks from this flu. I am now laying in bed with a slight headache and many inconsistent hacking cough attacks, trying to find the words to describe how I feel. Let's try a list form:

Sick (duh)

Weak (sucks)

Helpless (suckier)

Upset (possibly from all the suckiness)

Hungry (at least I'm not THAT sick)

Sleepy (suckiest b/c I cannot sleep)

I've been laying here for the past few days trying to get some rest yet every time I try to close my eyes, I wake up to coughing! Ick.

Many episodes of Sex and The City later, I'm back at that point I always return to after watching such a fashionable lifestyled show... sitting in front of my closet, looking at all the clothes I've collected over the years, and still wondering, "Why do I not have anything to wear?"

Do any of you feel that way? I think it's a terrible waste of time to do this to ourselves, we all have the capabilities to pull together decent creative outfits from what we own but what we really lack is patience. I am going to make it a goal to try harder when I'm feel better. I want to stop spending money to try to find what I am uncertainly searching for.

Why did I start watching this show while I am sick? It makes me feel so sloppy! Lol, ok, I'm going to try to nap again. I am very sure it will end up unsuccessful but hey, A for effort!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Candied People

Oh man, I came down with the worse case of the flu... Laying here in my bed, trying to heal, trying to regain my sanity back - sheesh. The hardest thing to do and the worst thing to start my year with.

But here's one thing to cheer me up. Candied people! Thanks, May!

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Random Ode to Odo

And she didn't even try to be weird.

Thursday, January 3, 2013



I have decided that though it is definitely cliche, I still want to make my list for new year goals. Why not? It is the perfect way to keep track because we always start from 1.

I have made a small list of resolutions/goals and ...ahem, here we go:

- I want to eat less crap this year. Not give them up completely... but less crap. 

- I want to lose a total of 10 lbs this year. One year, 10 pounds. I think that is doable.

- Keep working on improving my posture while sitting, walking, even standing. 

- Being more conscious on what I am spending money on - I like shopping for clothes, shoes, beauty... let's make better decisions this year!

- Let go of grudges, try my best to focus on positivity. Positive thinking is what will really keep me healthy.

So that's it for now! Perhaps I'll think of more later on but I said it so I shall do it. Go me!

What about any of you?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting off the new year right

We woke up bright and somewhat early to prepare for a moderate hike through the neighborhood San Gabriel Valley Mountains.

A few miles northeast of our humble abode we came to (finally) find a parking spot somewhat near the entrance to the entrance. Yes, you read that correctly...the entrance to the entrance.

Before walking towards the hiking sign, we found a small clearing between two residential homes and saw four real life deers. Real deers posing as lawn ornaments...

As we walked towards the entrance of the entrance to the trails, I found a bold reminder that parks are not monitored on New Years day...

We started off walking through the mile long trek to the... you guessed it! To the beginning of the hiking trail. Once we approached the signs directing which sides of the fork to take and decided the "Easy" hiking trail was a bit too basic for us sporty folk.

Onward we walked, steeper and steeper the pavement roads became. Soon we were faced with another fork in the road, keep walking? Or time to turn back? We kept walking.

We came upon the Ben Overturf Trail and found a few photo worthy moments. Here's one!

All in all it was a lovely 3.5 hour 17 mile hike.

Happy new year, everyone! Don't stop to look back, keep moving forward, cheers!

Looking back at 2012

Every year we come to this point where we are faced with new beginnings, new challenges, new opportunities. It is also time to reflect on what has happened!

January: I experimented with a month of noteworthy gratuitous things. It ranged from alarm clocks to sunshine and ended with a reminder of the love of friendship, drawing, and hard work.

February: Tis my birthday month where I turned a quarter of a century old. Tis the month I celebrated my 9 year anniversary. Tis the month I gave up junk food for a week...eep!

March: Happy St Patrick's Day! We don't really celebrate least most of us don't...

Hmm what else? Oh yes, I finally read The Fault in Our Stars! Geez, what a tear jerker.

April: This month was filled with lovely neighborhood walks...

Short Vegas trips...

And Olivia's birthday!

May: I caught a big ambitious bug for designing a new future for myself. A bit of a premature rush as things thwarted my plans but it gave me a new light to what I was capable of.

Woody and Buzz were the continuous theme of this year ... apparently.

AND Olivia graduated college! Yowzas...

June: Carsland opened! And very odd family photos...

July: This month was quite significant because....the Olympics! Yowzas! Ooh and my cousin was married in this glorious month! Wee!

Odd photographs...

Lots of beach trips!

And farmer markets =)

August: My family and I took a fantastic summer trip out to the glorious northern part of California

September: This was a happy and sad month. We celebrated Jeanne's 21st birthday

We lost a beautiful soul in our family: Sweetie

And in less important news, we attended our first ever soccer match.

October: Halloween snuck up on us

November: Let's see what I've done this month... I watched The Lorax...

We celebrated my grandmother's 80something birthday
We celebrated Odona's 21st birthday as well =)

December: Holy holidays! We started off the month with a visit to Home Depot

It ended with a fantastically happy Christmas party

All in all 2012 was wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing. Who knows what will come in the new year? There's only one way to find out. Let us live, learn, and blog about it =)

Thank you so much for going through this journey with me. Happy New Year and cheers to another start.