Sunday, November 25, 2012

The calm

Home sweet home. We are back in one piece after a five and a half hour drive...whew!

Coming back home meant waking up late, one cup coffee seems insufficient, and the whole day seems to be going faster than usual. Well, here I am ... it's 4pm and I'm sitting here trying to avoid the overly bright settling sun rays from blinding me while I watch the 49ers versus Saints football game. 

Ahh the calm after the storm of Thanksgiving get-togethers, Black Friday shopping, and long road trips. 

I am grateful for having that sort of storm. Life is best when we have these little stabs of activities but rest is necessary! Don't forget to play play play and then rest rest rest. 

Life is good. I wish everyone happiness, health, and habalabalah... I couldn't think of the last "h" item. Home? =) Love you all!

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