Thursday, November 8, 2012


I could not really think of something interesting to share today so allow me to disclose the intimate details about my life.


That was where I left off in my unfinished blogpost yesterday...WTH?!?! Sorry people reading! What a fantastical let down. Let me try again today...and I'll actually post it!

Today was when Southern California finally got some rain. Oye! I was never one of those kids who loved walking through the rain without umbrellas and thick boots. That sort of semi-romantic emotional  movie moment walk is too dramatically uncomfortable for me.

The best part of having rain though (besides collecting more water supply for the earth) is that I don't have to water the lawn! Thanks Mama N.! You saved me twenty minutes!

Today was so gloomy and busy at work, I was ready to leave but too wrapped up in my projects to rush out. I watched my digital time on the lower right hand corner of my laptop tick tick tick away before ta-da! Time to rock and roll!

We dodged all insane automobiles and pedestrians on our way home as the rain beat down on us. I watched the rain drop dribble down the windshield and thought, "it's a perfect night for ...Chipotle."

It's about 7pm right now yet the night is far from over, I took advantage of the early night and proceeded with my slew of chores. One of which included washing these two troublemakers:

I will get back into the swing of blogging, but it might take a little bit. I will aim to blog every day but I won't kill myself for missing a few days here and there. Anyway, it's almost Friday! Wee!

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