Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11 - neck pains

What to share today? Hm...

Dad: "Just say you ate this fish head and it was bigger than you."


In other more interesting news, I finally made it to the Chiropractor/Acupuncturist tonight! For those who do not know the constant status of my health and body, I have been dealing with severe neck pain for the past few months or so. I've tried to seek help with many different doctors and could not find a viable solution.

Fast forward to today when I finally asked why.

He explained that too many of us are sitting in front of computers screens for extended hours of the day. We must maintain a good 90 degree posture throughout to ensure a healthy balance. The computer should be at a height to allow your chin to stay 90 degrees parallel to the ground. And most of all, you should keep your neck/shoulder area warm.

If it is too cold - the muscles tend to tense and cramp. Long term cramping leads to spasms which then could start to create problems and eventually lead to pinched nerves. The pinched nerves eventually will pull and cause bones to be out of alignment.


So everyone please be careful and take good care of yourselves. Work is important but the value of health should always outweigh everything else.

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