Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Halloween Recap

Happy belated Halloween!

I have not really had the opportunity to update my blog but here (read) this, my friends! I have decided to start daily blogging for the rest of this month! It IS November 5th but I will just bleed over to December.

Welcome welcome back to the insanity that is my mind. I'll start off with a quick recap of my Halloween experience:

Though it is not a tradition set in stone, I rather enjoy engaging in the stereotypical activities ie. pumpkin carving! We set out some day old newspapers, large 'dump' bowls, cutting apparatuses  and away we went! 

To make it more of a communal event, I invited Olivia and Anna to contribute but did not limit them to mere pumpkins, "be creative!" I remember saying. Well...they were.

This is how our masterpieces turned out and I really loved them! Too bad they molded so quickly =/

My pumpkin was an ambitious (letdown) 360 degree representation of Super Mario games. A for effort?

Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday, we ended up having an office costume party and I decided to channel my inner Bride of Frankenstein. Here I am with my groom.

You thought that's it for my Halloween? You thought wrong! When have I ever left you underwhelmed? I decided to throw in a last minute contender for Odd Halloween Costumes and went to a stranger's party as......

my dad!

See you tomorrow =)

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