Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

How often is it in our lives when we have the opportunity to say "Thank you" to one another?

Well... every single day is an opportunity but I suppose we do need a reminder or two that we should always remind those around us that we are grateful for each other.

Though not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving around the world, Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful for everyone who have crossed my life at some point. I am a happier person with a fuller life because of all of you. I cannot remember when and what each person has specifically done but the fact that you have left some sort of footprint in my life have added to my well-being.

I think life is too short to sit around and wait for directions on the next steps. We need to live each moment as if it were our last. Thank you thank you to you all. I am grateful and though I don't always remember to say it - I love all of you! <3 p="p">

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