Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday G Ma!

According to the Lunar calendar, today is my Grandma's 86th birthday! Huzzahhh! Unfortunately I don't have the formal photo with her so... just try to imagine her through my words-

I grew up with my Grandma quite involved in my childhood. She was living with us when I was an infant, she took care of me before I began school, we visited her almost every single day after school, and she attended almost all our big life moments.

I love my Grandma and upon realizing her actual age (I feel as if we've celebrated her 85th a few times) I calculated that she was born back in 1926! Woah! What life must have been like nearly a century ago! I've learned quite a bit about American and European life around the 1920's era but how about China? Little to none comes to mind...and she's really only shared snippets of her life.

What I do know is that she came from a very humble beginning, worked incredibly hard throughout her life, and gave birth to six healthy children. I feel that there is still so much more to learn about her and I encourage anyone reading this to go inquire about an elder's life. They've been through so much and the greatest gift they could give to our generation is to share. 

Life is not a one time YOLO event. You live it every day. You should think "YOLO" every single day but that does not mean do something irresponsible and dangerous. In my opinion, it means to live every day with thoughtfulness, desire, and ambition. 

I'm getting off the soapbox now but not before showing you how we spent tonight.

YO freakin LO

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