Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Have you ever watched good ole episodes of Friends where Monica is psychotically cleaning her apartment? I can somewhat relate to that...sometimes...

It starts off with brushing a few crumbs off the table and then noticing a big dustball across the counter and then realizing when I brushed it off the counter that it would fall onto the floor. So I grab the broom and start sweeping and sweeping and oh gosh that needs some mopping so I grab wet wipes to clean these spots and wouldn't you know hour has gone by.

No this is not a fictional novel that I am writing. This did, in fact, just happen to me. My hands are sore now.

We have started a new goal of uploading a weekly video onto youtube. Unfortunately this goal was remembered only by me this week. If you are interested:

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is only about a week (and a few days) away! We have annual traditions for Thanksgiving with family meals, routines, visits, and ... shopping!

We tried to buy a brand new LED TV last year during Black Friday but due to unexplainable circumstances, that TV was never purchased. Oh not this year, buddy! Oh no! WE'RE GOING TO GET THAT FRICKIN TV!

Mark my words!

....I think I need to sleep now, I'm getting a tad bit delirious. Good night.

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