Thursday, September 6, 2012

What's been happening

There are days where I take time out of my oh so busy evening (Youtube, food, and nail painting) to look through my latest photos. Why do I do that? Well...

It reminds me what I have done lately

It's a good way to clean out my camera/phone


Here's a breakdown of my life lately - 

1. One of boyfriend's coworkers gave us her doggie and his name to our family is: Buddy!

He's a trouble maker but is so adorable.

2. I've changed.

3. No wait, I didn't change. I still spend my time mocking others instead of helping others.

4. Boyfriend is no makeup artist. Shame. I suppose he IS creative at least...

5. We love the beach! We're trying to go for a towel record.

6. It was Jeanne's 21st birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEANNE!!!

I've known Jeanne since she was a little itsy bitsy five year old. She has grown so much through the years, strengthening her character and mentality.

Thanks for recapping my life with me, till next time!

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