Monday, September 17, 2012

Time to reflect

Every weekday, my friends/coworkers and I trek out to the nearby condominium community near work where there is a good little park of greenery goodness.

Some days we see many dogs come visit the premise, and some days we see people occupying the space. This photo was taken when people came to visit and these people were practicing or learning yoga.

One woman (seen in blue with a child on her back) came with child, trying to find relaxation and *ohmmmm* her center. Yet her child persistently treated her like a school yard jungle gym by climbing, stepping, hanging off this poor mom.

It reminded me something.

Through the distractions, considerably annoying and/or unnecessary, we must find our center. We must find our calm and focus on ourselves. Even if work or school or life throws road blocks in our way, we still have to resist the urge to be affected. We must sit in the eye of the storm in order to figure how to get out.

Also, we should all promise not to climb on our mothers when we are bored.

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