Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road Trip Day 3

I googled which hikes would be most recommended in the little city of San Luis Obispo and Montana De Oro popped up. 

Known for the scenic beaches, beautiful hikes, and apparently gorgeous trees down this one path that we did not take...darn it...

Anyway, the early morning started with a visit to the small secluded coastal side of the mountain. It was beautiful, rocky, and...


Next came the hiking. 

We had determined to take a smaller modest hike to start off with but one wrong turn too many concluded in us taking one of the more extreme trails. Good one, me!

But this journey did offer many benefits like these breath-taking views


Papa J was a bit tired afterwards.

We decided to drive to lunch in a nearby town, Morro Bay, which was known for this giant rock/boulder/paper weight. Unfortunately it was a bit foggy...

 Up close was lovely though.

Everything away from the city is so scenic!


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