Thursday, August 16, 2012

Road Trip Day 2

Day two was a slow day as we decided on the spur to purchase tickets to an evening musical show. Not a problem, not at all...except that the show would be in Solvang.

We drove through Hwy 154 and tried not to continually gasp at the beauty of the scenery that surrounded us at every turn. It was difficult, and I do not believe we succeeded.

Solvang is a small sleepy town that is a north of Santa Barbara. It features a small Danish community that thrives from tourism with its wine tastings, small shops, restaurants, etc...

Super cute to visit for an hour. An hour and that's it.

As we awaited nightfall, we drove to another small town called Buellton and found a little park to play in for a few hours. I am definitely in envy of the gorgeous views.

This trip taught me the importance of rest, relaxation, and laughter. I was so glad to have had yet another opportunity to spend time with my family where our laughter only really stops when we're taking breaths.

Oh another thing this trip taught me. You are never too young or old to be weird.

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