Saturday, June 9, 2012


I finally have one Saturday to sleep in (though it was a short lived dream as I naturally awoke at 8:30) and take a breather.

It's been a frantically busy few weeks with events and obligations...whew.

Anyway, happy June 2012! It looks to be a promising summer with blue skies and fluffy - non threatening - clouds and I MISS THE BEACH!

About a month ago I had a pondering with a close friend and realized we shared a similar vision. To take our design knowledge into unconquered boundaries. First off to inject some of our contributions to the stationary world with boxes, notebooks, and folders. Next stop - the wedding industry!

If you happen to be interested, we had to create Spring + to showcase what we've created =)

Taking a mini hiatus from that project, I am going to be chillaxing (chilling/relaxing OR chili + laxatives + crying) and I will dedicated this month of June to taking as many pictures of the everyday as I can and sharing it here.

First one for the week was from California Adventures in Anaheim, pink wrist bands for the sneak preview of Carsland.


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