Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jumbled Thoughts

Hello world!

I must say I miss typing here. Hello keyboard, I have almost forgotten where the letter "Q" resided.

As all the summer peaks around the corner I have become quite jealous of the students roaming freely (and obnoxiously) for their break. I look and feel that longing to walk towards the beach. Don't do it, dumbo!

You know how people often say, "Appreciate school now, kiddos, because you'll miss it" ... truth is: you don't miss school. You miss school breaks!

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out my current path and my future path. If you feel confused about what I am saying, I am confused too. What am I dong? Am I spending sufficient time in my life doing what is worth my time? Am I happy?

Lots of questions from the recent grad but no answers yet.. I suppose this is a big reason why I am not updating anything here. I want to find answers and I want to share them here when I do.

Our generation IS all about instant gratification. But as generations grow - we become faster, stronger, more efficient, more progressive... Same as technology progresses, our processes develop alongside. My thoughts, like me, are too scrambled right now =T oye.

in other news...

Father's Day is coming up!

and now I need to sleep.

I shall return. Cereally!

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