Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who am I

Hola! Como estas? Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

It is now May 5th and I still have not figured out this month's theme. I suppose I will just allow this post to just be as is and talk a little about why I have embarked on this little blogging journey.

Flash back to 2009 when I sat in my living room during my summer break trying to figure out which new project to embark on. I started reading various blogs and realized, This is my new summer project!

Now flash forward and we're in 2012, I'm so glad I have this little outlet to share with my family and friends. This is a chance for me to express my inner thoughts and opinions, share funny/exasperating experiences, and try new means of blogging as well! 

My name is Ophelia, often misspelled in the most disturbing/confusing ways, and I am a person with many interests. Before this sounds like a weird drug addiction, my life has always been a need for different hobbies. First was a drawing frenzy that lasted years and years (still going but has honestly fizzled down), next was sowing, then scrapbooking and card-making, then came a few years of video making prior to YouTube, then there was YouTube and then there came Blogger.


I am the type of person who is quite sensitive to my surroundings, life has many lessons to learn and once I do decipher anything and I have the incredible need to share.

My previous few years of blogging have been random and when January 2012 came about I decided to follow my sister's suggestion and create monthly goals. The ultimate conclusion was of course to gain new skills, finally try to do those things on my 'Wish List', and to document my experience. 

Here we are on my fifth month of blogging and I'm already unsure of what to write about now but not to worry, where there's a will - there's a way! Stay tuned for more soon! 

For the time being, look at yet another horrible attempt at spelling my name correctly.

Ah well, life was not meant to be perfect.

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