Friday, April 20, 2012

What rhymes with giraffe?

Perhaps laugh is the only sane one I can come up with at midnight on a Thursday. Hello there, how was your day? Let me share mine.

I awoke and realized that annoying buzzing was indeed not the heavenly angles tap dancing on the roof but actually my stupid stupid stinker alarm.


"Okay okay" I mutter with one eye opened. 

As I shuffled through the mess I called my room and haphazardly walked into the restroom. 

Eep I thought as I looked at the mirror. I need to wash my face.

My hand naturally reached twenty degrees towards the right side of the mirror only to find that my trusty face wash was AWOL. Donde esta?

My heart began to skip a beat. Where is it? I need it. I scrambled around the neighboring hair products and still nothing.

My eyes frantically searched the cabinet trying to find that familiar friend I use every day. Not one bottle screamed the good ole green bottle. Where is it?!

Suddenly I caught a flash of green. There it is! I felt a flash of relief and breathed. 

Then my heart dropped. I realized it was on the top top shelf. Top shelves that little me could not possibly reach. Where's a giraffe when I need it?

I really needed a giraffe laugh.

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