Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A weekend's Vegas run

Today's story is not about the words but the pictures. Let's begin.

Friday and the insistent rain finally came to an end and we felt it was time to trash the umbrellas.

The night was young and the oysters were delicious.

Saturday morning, I was woke up to the realization of the destruction's construction.

The skies were finally clear and the sun was slowly rising. Hello 6:30 am

Apparently there was snow.

 The tournament felt long with a modest 400 competitors. Spirits remained high.

Smiles covered the exhaustion.

And the bleacher sitting discomfort.

Dinner was very welcomed.

Private parties are always 

A Vegas trip is not complete with the extravagence.

Flowers and windmills seemed to fit the bill.

Apparently some felt walking was so last year.

We were submerged in color.

The night lights illuminated the skies.

What felt like minutes of sleep translated to hours later and we were heading back home with the sunshine's accompaniment. 

It makes me appreciate the amount of life we can live with the little time we are given.

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