Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A walk

I squinted at the bright rays of sunlight that shot straight into my unsuspecting pupils. It was nearly 6pm but the day still felt young. I cracked open the door to only be beckoned by the soft gusts of wind singing its soft melodious tune.

I just had to go outside but turning around I could see that it would be a bit of a task as my glazed eyed compadres sat comfortably glued to the couch.

I need to find the perfect moment to casually mention this idea.

"Can we go for a walk? Can we? Can we?" I exclaimed.

Stepping on the barefaced pavement felt strangely familiar. As if I used to take walks all the time. 

I glanced downward at my feet silently thinking, Ok stumpies. Don't let me down now.

A little bit further down the road I remember there was life above my feet and decided to look up. Oh the amazing sights to see.

As my head tilted back to its comfortable 53 degree angle, I saw a flash of Fro run by me. She seemed to have seen something amazing and as my walks are more limited nowadays, I made a mad dash to catch up to see what was rush worthy.

The peaceful neighborhood offered a perfect backdrop for the three of us (Fro, Jeans, and I) to snap a quick picture for our everlasting memory. 

As we looked ahead, we found two trolls that guarded the end of this street.

"No passage" said the blue troll who was named J.

"It's Sunday" demanded the white troll who was named Squirrel.

"We must pass!" I breathed, "We are on a life journey to find the unfindable. To taste what is half reality and half fantasy."

"Really?" asked Squirrel.

As Jeans, Fro, and I nodded, the smelly J nodded and said, "Ok then, we shall go too"

A few skips and jumps later, we arrived at the mystical place that many have seen from afar but few have patiently awaited. I sat down in exhaustion and wiped the sweat off my brow.

"I could really use a Mango Yogurt Milk Tea with Boba right now" and though the day's end was quickly approaching, I was awarded with a coveted pale yellow drink.

We were all smiles walking back and though it was a short visit, it will always remain in my memory as a fun one.

Though this memory was not as fond for me. I suppose we cannot always pick and choose our models.


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