Sunday, April 1, 2012

This weekend's delectables

I can't remember the last time I had a decent meal. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I couldn't remember.

Life is a bit silly at times. Day in and day out- comprised of the same people, same places, same scenery, same food, same routine.

But no, I could not handle any more of that nonsense. I was not a robot and I would not allow my mere existence to be scaled down to the same predictable five step process. I did not want anyone to be able to define me within one sentence. I needed a change. I needed to live.

"Korean BBQ then?" I say breathlessly. 

"Hmm, ok. Sounds good with me." The little birthday girl replies.

I sighed with relief. Whew, no more cup noodles tonight. 


Friday finally rolls around and we're seated around a long rectangular granite table. In a flash the waiters began to surround us, throwing plate after plate of colorful vegetables, fish cakes, and potatoes. 

I peered at the others and took note of their astonished yet delighted faces. Smiles. Ok, we're still in business.

I pulled the pair of chopsticks out of their paper jackets, rubbed them together in a few quick strokes, and set them down atop my neatly folded napkin.

I picked up the remainder of the chopstick packaging, memory don't fail me now. I began to twist and  fold the paper in the same pentagon shape I used to create so often as a child. 

Fold, tuck, wrap around, fold, tuck. Done.

As I pinched the edges inward, the flurry waiters returned with two large trays of decadent beef. I stretched my neck forward and saw them all sitting there. Each varying in texture, shape, cut, and color. 

Ten minutes later it did not matter. Each plate was thrown onto the grill without question and just as the sizzling meat started to change into a delicious shade of brown, the juices began to emerge quietly. Lovely.


The following day was accompanied by groans of full bloated bellies aching for relief. But relief or not we could not deny we still had to feed our bodies. 

So onward we trekked until we arrived at the JJ doorstop. 

"How many?" The waitress looked up uninterestedly.

Too many, I thought to myself.

Without the gift of time and patience, we painstakingly walked the many steps until we arrived at KT. KT was not like JJ's. KT was too empty.

"How many?" KT's waiter asked.

Does it even matter? I wondered, but smiled and held up my right hand to proudly display all five fingers.

We sat down at one of the many available tables and glanced at the menu. Food again? Did we not just meat (PUN!) yesterday? 

I unwrapped my straw and was about to start my star making craft but paused.

Routine? Stop it and try something else.

The food came rather quickly. Perhaps the service matched the atmosphere - the goal being to get in quickly and get out quickly. 


After the airport came the rain and after the rain the gloomy skies subsided. It was date night du jour!

The boyfriend and I scoured through Ralphs hoping to make our trip as efficient as possible.

"Do we need tomatoes?"


"Do we need onions?"


"But I like onions."

"Ok fine, get onions."

"But if you don't like them then I'll be the only one eating it."

"Well, then let's not get it."

"But I like onions."

"Then get onions."

"But you won't use it???"

We made it back in one piece. In fact we made it back with many extra pieces.

It was a wonder why we ever went out to eat anymore. I grinned to myself as we set up the kitchen for what I envisioned to be the next episode of Iron Chef.

As I expertly minced the garlic I fluttered my eyelashes to the imaginary camera to my right. 

Yes, just a dash of garlic will enhance the meat's flavoring.

"Need help with that?" the deep voice interrupts my cameo.

I look down at my delicately minced garlic and feel offended. 

"No! Look at this amazingness! The only help you can give is applause!"

"Okay." He rolls his eyes and walked back out to attend to the George Foreman grill.

I glance back at my adoring crowd and smile. 

I've been cooking since I could walk. I modestly admit while a dedicated fan throws out flowers in front of me.

"What are you doing?" I hear

"Nothing!" I turn to the cooking mushrooms and give them a quick flip. It's starting to smell delicious.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone to try at least once. I admit I'm not expert but cooking with friends is still a whole lot of fun. 

Till tomorrow.

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