Saturday, April 28, 2012


The game begins.

He nonchalantly picked up the center piece and placed it atop. There was a smugness about that smile, I tried to shake it off as I walked towards my new challenge.

I peered through the now empty slot. Which piece is screaming my name?

I reached around the corner, work with me you stinker.

The second I made contact with the wood I realized I had made the wrong decision. 

Ever so strong, it would not budge as I pushed and silently pled for its cooperation but my efforts were futile.

At the corner of my eyes I could see that he was laughing at my lame attempts. How dare he? Doesn't he know I am figuring out my attack move? 

What is my attack move?

I put a little more pressure on my wooden block but suddenly froze in shock and horror when the massive structure threateningly leaned left.

The wind taunted my every move but as it continued its tyranny, my eyes narrowed with determination. I could not fail now, not since I've made such strides.

I pushed harder and to my delight the edge of the block popped out ever so slightly. Yes, a chance.

With a little more pressure, I managed to squeeze the piece out of its cocoon and wiggle it back and forth. Even the little bit of teetering did not phase me now, I had a mission.

It was almost free! I gently pulled out the last few inches, almost there. It was at this moment that I realized I had not breathed normally for the past few moments. I inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly before yanking that darn thing out with one last burst of energy.

I did it! I glanced at his defeated disappointment and smiled gently as I replaced the block back on top of its platform. Like the king of its throne, it seemed to smile back at me with approval.

You are free, my friend.

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