Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lunching in the sun


Still?? I thought to myself. Good gracious! Who says that anymore anyway??

Time always felt like it was going slow motion when you're ready for a break. Lunch seemed so close yet so far. Why, noon? 

I sighed heavily causing my tablemate, also known as Bad Hearing (BH), to glance over with her raised eyebrow. 

I shook my head and looked back at the squiggles on my screen. I peered at the foreign squiggles more closely as the yawn tears slowly dissipated, oh it's an underlay of AutoCad beneath my 7 1/4" x 84" wall.

I grabbed my mouse and felt that familiar curves that filled the crook of my hand. I shook it to locate that pesky cursor. Why must it play Hide & Seek with me all the time?

10 more minutes later and I'm peering out the nearby window. Sunshine could not stop overflowing through the space, I could almost feel the heat beating down on my slumped shoulders.

Soon. We're almost there.

11:33 am.

Bossman #4 walks by in his typical fast paced shuffle and announced it was time for our team meeting. 

Already? I quickly looked at the bathroom key and realized a bit too late that someone beat me to it first. Fine, after the meeting then. I pushed in my chair carefully and walked to the refrigeration room otherwise known as the Conference Room.

We sat there in the 65 degree room trying to professionally shiver while paying attention to the long drone of project updates. BH's stomach suddenly announces that it is lunch time. We giggled in unison but by the fourth grumble, my stomach responded in agreement. It was time to eat.

12:40 pm.

I'm done microwaving my lunch and walking briskly towards the door. Bad Hearing held the door open for me while Bad Eyesight collected her purse and walked towards us. 

Unfortunately for BE, Bossman #4 was sitting in the middle of the aisle. Honestly he was completely blocking the walkway. If we were to have a fire, he would have been a hazard.

Instead of asking him to scoot in, BE decided to try to perform a Cirque du Soleil type move by trying to contort her body into an "S" shape to sneak by Bossman. It did not quite work.

12:55 pm

After everyone had purchased their lunches, we walked to our usual lunch spot by the doggie park. Lunch and dog poo. Yum.

I plopped down on our usual cement block seats and beamed, I could feel the heat begin to collect on my shoulders. We made it.

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