Monday, April 30, 2012


Oh my- it's the end of the month, my friends. What have I learned from my tiny taste of narrative storytelling... what was it again? Oh yes, I'm not so good at it.

But it was still fun to try.

Happy end of April! Can you believe it's over? Another month of 2012 done and I have lived my life that much fuller. Don't underestimate how quickly a year can fly by, let's keep our resolutions going!

I'm still on a mission to get back into a comfortable fitness state, toning is pwning! 

Ew. I actually used the "word" "pwing" I think that sets me back two months of life-living.

May is upon us and I would like to set a new goal. Any suggestions? One of my continual goals is actually trying to maintain a variety of routines within my normal work week. One day of blogging, one day of working out, another day of hanging out with friends, etc. The rotation of events is familiar yet different enough to feel fresh every day.

For those finishing up your school term, hang in there! You may feel overwhelmed and tired but trust me when I say you learn most in life when you juggle!

I cannot believe how close I am to a year of my working world. Can I just be honest and say that through this entire experience my overall impression at this moment is:


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  1. good job on your april goal! i'm sad because i didn't keep up. :P i didn't have an april goal. rats...