Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hello start of the month. 

This is not an April Fools kind of blog post, frankly April Fools has long died for me back in second grade when oh-so mature boys ran around telling each other, "I'll give you a million dollars. APRIL FOOLS!"

Today's early am update is going to be quick and shorty because I just wanted to summarize the past thirty-one days and introduce the next thirty.

March was my month to culture myself. Was I successful? To some degree, yes! I tried new cultural foods, new cooking endeavors, read more (two books is more for me), finished my drawing, and decluttered my living spaces. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my attempts to expand but also feel slightly deflated as I perhaps did not tip toe further than I could have. Nevertheless, these monthly goals are a way for me to remind myself which step is to be taken ahead and which steps have already been taken behind so onward we go-

This month of April is going to be my creative writing month. As a small *pun intended* dedication to my creative writing machine (a.k.a. sister) (a.a.k.a. Olivia) as it is indeed her birthday month, I will challenge myself to write every April blog post as a narrative.

Honestly I do not know where this will go, I am actually intrigued to at least give it a try. Not too many people are aware that Creative Writing/Journalism was amongst the top three options of majors for me when applying to college. Business or Art/Design or Creative Writing/Journalism. Since I am currently working in the Design field and I have no intentions of dedicating a month to Business at this time, I figured why not give writing a shot. 

So sit back and enjoy the matcha, it's going to be a bumpy ride =)

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