Monday, April 16, 2012

Grand Prix

Ah, 5:30 pm finally arrived. Every Friday evening I would feel anxious and excited to get my weekend on!

BE, BH, and I stampeded towards the stair access door on the left and pushed it open with another sigh of relief. Through our exhausted deep breaths we seemed to reach the consensus that these fourteen stairs were everlasting.

"I'm so glad it's Friday!" I retorted as I pushed open the heavy glass entrance door. 

The streets were blocked off and mounds of people began gathering. Our questionable eyes made contact but the roar of several nearby engines drowned out our conversation. 

We turned our heads sharply to the left and saw a flash of yellow and black zip through the sky.

"Woah! Did you see that?" I exclaimed.

"Is that a bird?" asked BH.

We walked a few steps forward and realized we were a few yards away from the pre-performance practice.

Bodies wheeled through the sky and zipped with ease. Manipulating their bodies into different angles and contorting into unimaginable shapes, we stood there scrambling to find our cameras. 

"No, it's not a bird." I laughed.

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