Friday, April 6, 2012

Eating more

Meals seem to mean more to me now than ever before. 

I sat impatiently before the plastic checkered tablecloth turning my fork facedown and then face up and then down again.

Cars whizzed by leaving delicious clouds of smog to accompany our meals. Great.

Out of nowhere a tan burly hand leans in front of me and delicately places my deliciously sexy smoked salmon salad before me.

I gripped my seat in excitement and held my breath to calm down before elegantly picking up my fork.

"How is it?" asked BE

"Mmmmbrghh" I mumble through my mouth full. I felt like I devoured the moment faster than the salad. Oh my, I want to eat it again...


A man peered around the corner and caught my eye. He was holding two unmarked white boxes, either they were neatly dressed up narcotics or some sort of dessert. Luckily I was correct with the latter.

He thanked our designer over and over again for the recommendation and announced that these little delights were for the entire office to share. 

My mouth started to water as the designer walked by our desks with the unopened boxes. What was I salivating about? The cardboard box??

When I finally trekked to the kitchen, I found the boxes had been unearthed previously. I scrambled to get a better look at these treasures. 

Simply beautiful. It's as if the cupcakes were telling a story. About life. And love. And desserts.

I think I learned a lot today.

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