Monday, April 23, 2012


It's not often that I am reminded of how lucky I am to have a healthy and happy life with great family, friends, weather, food, etc. (the list goes on!)

On a random Saturday afternoon J and I decided to pay my favorite street of palm trees a visit. And ooh were they just gorgeous.

I suddenly realized half way up this hill that I was falling behind. 

A quick sigh later, I wiped my unexplainably large forehead and lifted my heavy right foot. 

Ugh, I groaned inwardly. I pushed the pedal forward, switch, push with the other foot, switch.

"Look! Another biker!" J exclaimed and whizzed away while mimicking a race car's roar. 

I watched in dismay as he accelerated forward while leaving me, quite literally, in his dust. I paused for a second to look down on my feet. Are you two ready?

I pushed the right pedal hard and transferred that intensity to my left pedal. I began to get into a steady rhythm and stood up to keep my momentum.

"J! Look at me!" I squealed.

J looked over and my legs nearly gave out.

I shall never go bicycling again.

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