Monday, April 30, 2012


Oh my- it's the end of the month, my friends. What have I learned from my tiny taste of narrative storytelling... what was it again? Oh yes, I'm not so good at it.

But it was still fun to try.

Happy end of April! Can you believe it's over? Another month of 2012 done and I have lived my life that much fuller. Don't underestimate how quickly a year can fly by, let's keep our resolutions going!

I'm still on a mission to get back into a comfortable fitness state, toning is pwning! 

Ew. I actually used the "word" "pwing" I think that sets me back two months of life-living.

May is upon us and I would like to set a new goal. Any suggestions? One of my continual goals is actually trying to maintain a variety of routines within my normal work week. One day of blogging, one day of working out, another day of hanging out with friends, etc. The rotation of events is familiar yet different enough to feel fresh every day.

For those finishing up your school term, hang in there! You may feel overwhelmed and tired but trust me when I say you learn most in life when you juggle!

I cannot believe how close I am to a year of my working world. Can I just be honest and say that through this entire experience my overall impression at this moment is:


Saturday, April 28, 2012


The game begins.

He nonchalantly picked up the center piece and placed it atop. There was a smugness about that smile, I tried to shake it off as I walked towards my new challenge.

I peered through the now empty slot. Which piece is screaming my name?

I reached around the corner, work with me you stinker.

The second I made contact with the wood I realized I had made the wrong decision. 

Ever so strong, it would not budge as I pushed and silently pled for its cooperation but my efforts were futile.

At the corner of my eyes I could see that he was laughing at my lame attempts. How dare he? Doesn't he know I am figuring out my attack move? 

What is my attack move?

I put a little more pressure on my wooden block but suddenly froze in shock and horror when the massive structure threateningly leaned left.

The wind taunted my every move but as it continued its tyranny, my eyes narrowed with determination. I could not fail now, not since I've made such strides.

I pushed harder and to my delight the edge of the block popped out ever so slightly. Yes, a chance.

With a little more pressure, I managed to squeeze the piece out of its cocoon and wiggle it back and forth. Even the little bit of teetering did not phase me now, I had a mission.

It was almost free! I gently pulled out the last few inches, almost there. It was at this moment that I realized I had not breathed normally for the past few moments. I inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly before yanking that darn thing out with one last burst of energy.

I did it! I glanced at his defeated disappointment and smiled gently as I replaced the block back on top of its platform. Like the king of its throne, it seemed to smile back at me with approval.

You are free, my friend.

Monday, April 23, 2012


It's not often that I am reminded of how lucky I am to have a healthy and happy life with great family, friends, weather, food, etc. (the list goes on!)

On a random Saturday afternoon J and I decided to pay my favorite street of palm trees a visit. And ooh were they just gorgeous.

I suddenly realized half way up this hill that I was falling behind. 

A quick sigh later, I wiped my unexplainably large forehead and lifted my heavy right foot. 

Ugh, I groaned inwardly. I pushed the pedal forward, switch, push with the other foot, switch.

"Look! Another biker!" J exclaimed and whizzed away while mimicking a race car's roar. 

I watched in dismay as he accelerated forward while leaving me, quite literally, in his dust. I paused for a second to look down on my feet. Are you two ready?

I pushed the right pedal hard and transferred that intensity to my left pedal. I began to get into a steady rhythm and stood up to keep my momentum.

"J! Look at me!" I squealed.

J looked over and my legs nearly gave out.

I shall never go bicycling again.

Friday, April 20, 2012

What rhymes with giraffe?

Perhaps laugh is the only sane one I can come up with at midnight on a Thursday. Hello there, how was your day? Let me share mine.

I awoke and realized that annoying buzzing was indeed not the heavenly angles tap dancing on the roof but actually my stupid stupid stinker alarm.


"Okay okay" I mutter with one eye opened. 

As I shuffled through the mess I called my room and haphazardly walked into the restroom. 

Eep I thought as I looked at the mirror. I need to wash my face.

My hand naturally reached twenty degrees towards the right side of the mirror only to find that my trusty face wash was AWOL. Donde esta?

My heart began to skip a beat. Where is it? I need it. I scrambled around the neighboring hair products and still nothing.

My eyes frantically searched the cabinet trying to find that familiar friend I use every day. Not one bottle screamed the good ole green bottle. Where is it?!

Suddenly I caught a flash of green. There it is! I felt a flash of relief and breathed. 

Then my heart dropped. I realized it was on the top top shelf. Top shelves that little me could not possibly reach. Where's a giraffe when I need it?

I really needed a giraffe laugh.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A weekend's Vegas run

Today's story is not about the words but the pictures. Let's begin.

Friday and the insistent rain finally came to an end and we felt it was time to trash the umbrellas.

The night was young and the oysters were delicious.

Saturday morning, I was woke up to the realization of the destruction's construction.

The skies were finally clear and the sun was slowly rising. Hello 6:30 am

Apparently there was snow.

 The tournament felt long with a modest 400 competitors. Spirits remained high.

Smiles covered the exhaustion.

And the bleacher sitting discomfort.

Dinner was very welcomed.

Private parties are always 

A Vegas trip is not complete with the extravagence.

Flowers and windmills seemed to fit the bill.

Apparently some felt walking was so last year.

We were submerged in color.

The night lights illuminated the skies.

What felt like minutes of sleep translated to hours later and we were heading back home with the sunshine's accompaniment. 

It makes me appreciate the amount of life we can live with the little time we are given.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Grand Prix

Ah, 5:30 pm finally arrived. Every Friday evening I would feel anxious and excited to get my weekend on!

BE, BH, and I stampeded towards the stair access door on the left and pushed it open with another sigh of relief. Through our exhausted deep breaths we seemed to reach the consensus that these fourteen stairs were everlasting.

"I'm so glad it's Friday!" I retorted as I pushed open the heavy glass entrance door. 

The streets were blocked off and mounds of people began gathering. Our questionable eyes made contact but the roar of several nearby engines drowned out our conversation. 

We turned our heads sharply to the left and saw a flash of yellow and black zip through the sky.

"Woah! Did you see that?" I exclaimed.

"Is that a bird?" asked BH.

We walked a few steps forward and realized we were a few yards away from the pre-performance practice.

Bodies wheeled through the sky and zipped with ease. Manipulating their bodies into different angles and contorting into unimaginable shapes, we stood there scrambling to find our cameras. 

"No, it's not a bird." I laughed.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A walk

I squinted at the bright rays of sunlight that shot straight into my unsuspecting pupils. It was nearly 6pm but the day still felt young. I cracked open the door to only be beckoned by the soft gusts of wind singing its soft melodious tune.

I just had to go outside but turning around I could see that it would be a bit of a task as my glazed eyed compadres sat comfortably glued to the couch.

I need to find the perfect moment to casually mention this idea.

"Can we go for a walk? Can we? Can we?" I exclaimed.

Stepping on the barefaced pavement felt strangely familiar. As if I used to take walks all the time. 

I glanced downward at my feet silently thinking, Ok stumpies. Don't let me down now.

A little bit further down the road I remember there was life above my feet and decided to look up. Oh the amazing sights to see.

As my head tilted back to its comfortable 53 degree angle, I saw a flash of Fro run by me. She seemed to have seen something amazing and as my walks are more limited nowadays, I made a mad dash to catch up to see what was rush worthy.

The peaceful neighborhood offered a perfect backdrop for the three of us (Fro, Jeans, and I) to snap a quick picture for our everlasting memory. 

As we looked ahead, we found two trolls that guarded the end of this street.

"No passage" said the blue troll who was named J.

"It's Sunday" demanded the white troll who was named Squirrel.

"We must pass!" I breathed, "We are on a life journey to find the unfindable. To taste what is half reality and half fantasy."

"Really?" asked Squirrel.

As Jeans, Fro, and I nodded, the smelly J nodded and said, "Ok then, we shall go too"

A few skips and jumps later, we arrived at the mystical place that many have seen from afar but few have patiently awaited. I sat down in exhaustion and wiped the sweat off my brow.

"I could really use a Mango Yogurt Milk Tea with Boba right now" and though the day's end was quickly approaching, I was awarded with a coveted pale yellow drink.

We were all smiles walking back and though it was a short visit, it will always remain in my memory as a fun one.

Though this memory was not as fond for me. I suppose we cannot always pick and choose our models.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Eating more

Meals seem to mean more to me now than ever before. 

I sat impatiently before the plastic checkered tablecloth turning my fork facedown and then face up and then down again.

Cars whizzed by leaving delicious clouds of smog to accompany our meals. Great.

Out of nowhere a tan burly hand leans in front of me and delicately places my deliciously sexy smoked salmon salad before me.

I gripped my seat in excitement and held my breath to calm down before elegantly picking up my fork.

"How is it?" asked BE

"Mmmmbrghh" I mumble through my mouth full. I felt like I devoured the moment faster than the salad. Oh my, I want to eat it again...


A man peered around the corner and caught my eye. He was holding two unmarked white boxes, either they were neatly dressed up narcotics or some sort of dessert. Luckily I was correct with the latter.

He thanked our designer over and over again for the recommendation and announced that these little delights were for the entire office to share. 

My mouth started to water as the designer walked by our desks with the unopened boxes. What was I salivating about? The cardboard box??

When I finally trekked to the kitchen, I found the boxes had been unearthed previously. I scrambled to get a better look at these treasures. 

Simply beautiful. It's as if the cupcakes were telling a story. About life. And love. And desserts.

I think I learned a lot today.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lunching in the sun


Still?? I thought to myself. Good gracious! Who says that anymore anyway??

Time always felt like it was going slow motion when you're ready for a break. Lunch seemed so close yet so far. Why, noon? 

I sighed heavily causing my tablemate, also known as Bad Hearing (BH), to glance over with her raised eyebrow. 

I shook my head and looked back at the squiggles on my screen. I peered at the foreign squiggles more closely as the yawn tears slowly dissipated, oh it's an underlay of AutoCad beneath my 7 1/4" x 84" wall.

I grabbed my mouse and felt that familiar curves that filled the crook of my hand. I shook it to locate that pesky cursor. Why must it play Hide & Seek with me all the time?

10 more minutes later and I'm peering out the nearby window. Sunshine could not stop overflowing through the space, I could almost feel the heat beating down on my slumped shoulders.

Soon. We're almost there.

11:33 am.

Bossman #4 walks by in his typical fast paced shuffle and announced it was time for our team meeting. 

Already? I quickly looked at the bathroom key and realized a bit too late that someone beat me to it first. Fine, after the meeting then. I pushed in my chair carefully and walked to the refrigeration room otherwise known as the Conference Room.

We sat there in the 65 degree room trying to professionally shiver while paying attention to the long drone of project updates. BH's stomach suddenly announces that it is lunch time. We giggled in unison but by the fourth grumble, my stomach responded in agreement. It was time to eat.

12:40 pm.

I'm done microwaving my lunch and walking briskly towards the door. Bad Hearing held the door open for me while Bad Eyesight collected her purse and walked towards us. 

Unfortunately for BE, Bossman #4 was sitting in the middle of the aisle. Honestly he was completely blocking the walkway. If we were to have a fire, he would have been a hazard.

Instead of asking him to scoot in, BE decided to try to perform a Cirque du Soleil type move by trying to contort her body into an "S" shape to sneak by Bossman. It did not quite work.

12:55 pm

After everyone had purchased their lunches, we walked to our usual lunch spot by the doggie park. Lunch and dog poo. Yum.

I plopped down on our usual cement block seats and beamed, I could feel the heat begin to collect on my shoulders. We made it.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This weekend's delectables

I can't remember the last time I had a decent meal. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I couldn't remember.

Life is a bit silly at times. Day in and day out- comprised of the same people, same places, same scenery, same food, same routine.

But no, I could not handle any more of that nonsense. I was not a robot and I would not allow my mere existence to be scaled down to the same predictable five step process. I did not want anyone to be able to define me within one sentence. I needed a change. I needed to live.

"Korean BBQ then?" I say breathlessly. 

"Hmm, ok. Sounds good with me." The little birthday girl replies.

I sighed with relief. Whew, no more cup noodles tonight. 


Friday finally rolls around and we're seated around a long rectangular granite table. In a flash the waiters began to surround us, throwing plate after plate of colorful vegetables, fish cakes, and potatoes. 

I peered at the others and took note of their astonished yet delighted faces. Smiles. Ok, we're still in business.

I pulled the pair of chopsticks out of their paper jackets, rubbed them together in a few quick strokes, and set them down atop my neatly folded napkin.

I picked up the remainder of the chopstick packaging, memory don't fail me now. I began to twist and  fold the paper in the same pentagon shape I used to create so often as a child. 

Fold, tuck, wrap around, fold, tuck. Done.

As I pinched the edges inward, the flurry waiters returned with two large trays of decadent beef. I stretched my neck forward and saw them all sitting there. Each varying in texture, shape, cut, and color. 

Ten minutes later it did not matter. Each plate was thrown onto the grill without question and just as the sizzling meat started to change into a delicious shade of brown, the juices began to emerge quietly. Lovely.


The following day was accompanied by groans of full bloated bellies aching for relief. But relief or not we could not deny we still had to feed our bodies. 

So onward we trekked until we arrived at the JJ doorstop. 

"How many?" The waitress looked up uninterestedly.

Too many, I thought to myself.

Without the gift of time and patience, we painstakingly walked the many steps until we arrived at KT. KT was not like JJ's. KT was too empty.

"How many?" KT's waiter asked.

Does it even matter? I wondered, but smiled and held up my right hand to proudly display all five fingers.

We sat down at one of the many available tables and glanced at the menu. Food again? Did we not just meat (PUN!) yesterday? 

I unwrapped my straw and was about to start my star making craft but paused.

Routine? Stop it and try something else.

The food came rather quickly. Perhaps the service matched the atmosphere - the goal being to get in quickly and get out quickly. 


After the airport came the rain and after the rain the gloomy skies subsided. It was date night du jour!

The boyfriend and I scoured through Ralphs hoping to make our trip as efficient as possible.

"Do we need tomatoes?"


"Do we need onions?"


"But I like onions."

"Ok fine, get onions."

"But if you don't like them then I'll be the only one eating it."

"Well, then let's not get it."

"But I like onions."

"Then get onions."

"But you won't use it???"

We made it back in one piece. In fact we made it back with many extra pieces.

It was a wonder why we ever went out to eat anymore. I grinned to myself as we set up the kitchen for what I envisioned to be the next episode of Iron Chef.

As I expertly minced the garlic I fluttered my eyelashes to the imaginary camera to my right. 

Yes, just a dash of garlic will enhance the meat's flavoring.

"Need help with that?" the deep voice interrupts my cameo.

I look down at my delicately minced garlic and feel offended. 

"No! Look at this amazingness! The only help you can give is applause!"

"Okay." He rolls his eyes and walked back out to attend to the George Foreman grill.

I glance back at my adoring crowd and smile. 

I've been cooking since I could walk. I modestly admit while a dedicated fan throws out flowers in front of me.

"What are you doing?" I hear

"Nothing!" I turn to the cooking mushrooms and give them a quick flip. It's starting to smell delicious.

I would definitely recommend it to everyone to try at least once. I admit I'm not expert but cooking with friends is still a whole lot of fun. 

Till tomorrow.