Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work break

It's one of those things.

You hear "work" and then quickly accompany that with a groan. No matter how mediocre, horrible, or fantastic work can be, it can still tend to feel like a drag to go to at times. I think everyone secretly groans but those who have awesome jobs feel a bit too guilty to complain with the same breath as those with awful jobs.

Our work life isn't awful but not always a picnic either. And it takes that change in mindset to learn to enjoy that time spent. And to prove my point, I snapped some pretty pictures today. 

This is not our work, but right across the street from our work are these gorgeous (also gorgeously expensive) condominiums with a cute doggie park. We stroll by every day with envy-

So there goes it, work can be stressful but with an hour worth of mid-day sunshine can do wonders. Poof, we can remember to smile again =D

Sometimes we can't stop smiling.

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