Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wind storms

I believe this would be the moment Julie Andrews comes into my room singing of raindrops and roses while trying to cut up my curtains to make play clothes. 

The weather has been so undecidedly tempered with bursts of sunshine accompanied by gusts of strong winds and then suddenly the clouds bully into the picture and further spur the winds of Zeus to deliver the message - You shalt not enjoy your weekends.

I don't know what I'm spouting on about but it IS Sunday evening and I have been indoors all day long. Not that I really mind as I am more of a homebody than most people I know but I do still have this antsy itch to go outside to do something for even a quick minute. 

But the second my toe touches the cold unforgiving brick doorstep, my body automatically shrivels into an odd U shape and I quickly shut the door. Maybe later.

The winds are at bay-

my 'Keeping It Cool' reaction

Not that I'm worried you think I'll land in Oz?

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