Sunday, March 18, 2012

Walking through markets

I've been trying a new thing lately. I've been trying to do something different with the boy on date nights. One of which has been to cook new delicacies (ie. food) and today's creation was hot pot with mushrooms, watercress, some kind of choi, taro, tofu, squid, cilantro, and beef! Mmmm

Anyway, as I've walked through these asian markets, I see and remember many unique foreign foods. Many of which I have probably eaten but many new sights to see. 

***Side note: people who visit other cultural markets, restaurants, stores, etc... You must have an open mind and realize life is different outside of your bubble. Just because you are not familiar with eating one type of animal does not make it offensive to your ears hearing that someone else will. It is only sensical to respect other customs. End of rant.

I used to go to supermarkets with my mom after school ALL the time. Read: ALL THE TIME. And as a child, this experience was typically highly unpleasant as we seemed to never fail arriving at rush hour, cart battling to get through the cramped aisles, and fight through the parking lot to find our little Camry through the sea of Hondas and Toyotas.

Now as an adult walking though the market, I start to learn the value of I had once referred to as the Black Hole of Supermarketing Madness (BHSM) and though it is not "fun" I rather enjoy the low prices and large variety.

Ok, point of this blog entry - I find the funniest things and I figured I should start sharing so...

Ah the beauty of asian markets.

Oh and today was St. Patrick's Day so... Happy S.P. Day!

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