Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sitting alone inside a Starbucks with my little Tall Soy Chai Latte while pretending to be engrossed in the importance of my simple blog is quite hard work. But here I am, working as hard as possible. And I think I'm quite convincing if I do say so myself. 

Hello all, I do actually remember my monthly goals list and yes, this month's goals were ambiguous and quite frankly purposely noncommittal.  I envisioned myself stepping beyond my comfort bubble and traveling through the city to see new sights and tastes the unfamiliar flavors LA has to offer. 

Well, it is March 11 and all I can say I've done is: 

1. Read a little more (but still not the original book I had set out to read)
2. Cook new foods - thank you countless delicious crabs.
3. ....

Yup, that's it! I'm close to the middle of the month and that's it! It's ok, it's always good to take a quick pause and reevaluate what your original intentions were. My goal for the next few weeks is to try not only a new restaurant, but new cultural delights. I want to go visit the monuments that I should be proud of living near. I want to learn how to say a certain phrase in many different languages. 

Ok, enough of the monthly goal update, let's see what else has happened today:

- I woke up to the time change feeling cheated by the loss of a good hour of sleep. The bags under my eyes seem to have gone on strike a few days before but today? Back in full force.

- I had a spicy noodle soupy lunch with my family and was very entertained by the Chinese Zodiac breakdown on our placemats. I am a Tiger and apparently we are aggressive, candid, yet sensitive. I never knew I possessed these characteristics. If I created my own zodiac animal, this is how it would look:

Somewhere between a camel and a giraffe. Which is the result of the Camgiffe (cam-gif) or should it be Giramel (Gee-rah-mel)??

Description? Someone who has high esteem and ever-lasting dedication. They love traveling long distances and can see the higher values in life.

I'm a genius! 

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