Monday, March 26, 2012

The day after the rain

Who made it okay to rain on Sundays???

Well this weekend was a wonderful wombat way to welcome Olivia back for Spring Break! Woot woot. And whilst doing so, Odona got sickity sick sick and oye vey. Indoors we stay.

I quite enjoy staying home (with or without rainy days) - I suppose to coziness factor plus the comfy clothes plus the semi-stocked fridge plus the cable tv makes it oh so sweet.

I spent much of my youth trying to convince friends that it was okay not to feel obligated to invite me out to par-tay events and then spent the remainder of the time trying to convince my parents I was not in some sort of depression for not going out more often.

Life is too short not to live! But after every event, we definitely need an in-between resting period to recoup for the next event.

I just so happen to need more recoup-ing than going outting.

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