Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work break

It's one of those things.

You hear "work" and then quickly accompany that with a groan. No matter how mediocre, horrible, or fantastic work can be, it can still tend to feel like a drag to go to at times. I think everyone secretly groans but those who have awesome jobs feel a bit too guilty to complain with the same breath as those with awful jobs.

Our work life isn't awful but not always a picnic either. And it takes that change in mindset to learn to enjoy that time spent. And to prove my point, I snapped some pretty pictures today. 

This is not our work, but right across the street from our work are these gorgeous (also gorgeously expensive) condominiums with a cute doggie park. We stroll by every day with envy-

So there goes it, work can be stressful but with an hour worth of mid-day sunshine can do wonders. Poof, we can remember to smile again =D

Sometimes we can't stop smiling.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The day after the rain

Who made it okay to rain on Sundays???

Well this weekend was a wonderful wombat way to welcome Olivia back for Spring Break! Woot woot. And whilst doing so, Odona got sickity sick sick and oye vey. Indoors we stay.

I quite enjoy staying home (with or without rainy days) - I suppose to coziness factor plus the comfy clothes plus the semi-stocked fridge plus the cable tv makes it oh so sweet.

I spent much of my youth trying to convince friends that it was okay not to feel obligated to invite me out to par-tay events and then spent the remainder of the time trying to convince my parents I was not in some sort of depression for not going out more often.

Life is too short not to live! But after every event, we definitely need an in-between resting period to recoup for the next event.

I just so happen to need more recoup-ing than going outting.

6:45 am

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Fault In Our Stars (I read it!)

***Warning: my thoughts are scattered and therefore this post is probably a bit ... yes, well...

Ok ok, my initial goal this month was to read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. The goal was pushed back and then forgotten and then remembered and then pushed back some more. Well friends, as of last night (March 19, 2012) I successfully finished the book and here we are.

Why did I push this goal back so much? Partly due to laziness and partly due to a bit of apprehension. I knew the general story line - girl has terminal cancer, girl finds love, love finds death, death teaches life to learn. 

It honestly scared me a bit. I mean, why put myself through any emotional roller coasters? Not necessary to help my tendencies to stress and obsess about being stressed. 

But due to some recent occurrences in our lives, family friends' lives that is, I felt I owed it to those who suffered to read of their triumphs and defeats. Who knows, perhaps my life would benefit from these fictional characters' experiences. 

Well a few hours later I am sitting in my room with watery eyes, blinking furiously towards the ceiling in hopes that these would not become streaming tears. This was not an awful thing.

I knew John Green was a talented individual but his words stung, I could not really experience the same connection between the characters as some people may but I could feel the pain. The thought of applying these emotions to my personal life and my own friends and family shot little arrows through my heart. My chest ached and my heart raced. John Green touched on specific subjects that troubled my preoccupied mind every so often.

He spoke of the idea of everyone leaving a legacy, a mark, an impression on those around them. Putting their worth in this world seemed to be enough to satisfy most but the main character in the book challenged this goal. I share this worry, if my life were to end tomorrow - could I honestly say that I've made a difference in this world? Could I leave satisfied with my existence?

For a long time the answer to this question was no. I don't think I've reached my full potential, I don't think I've positively impacted enough people around me, I don't think I'm done.

Everyone's lives are fragile and limited, we were placed in this world to live through our drudgery until we can find that little hairline crack in our bubble to finally break through. No, not everyone has to be uber important, not everyone has to become a celebrity or politician or king or queen to leave a mark. We impact every single person we come across and every single person who walks through our paths will impact each of us in some way.

This book reminded me that the world is as large as we want it to be. The world as a physical mass is enormous but our little individual worlds can be bound to the few people around us. In every way we make a difference, with every move we are living our lives. How much we choose to push to enlarge our bubbles is dependent on each individual. Some like small bubbles and some like large.

I think I'm a medium bubble person. Nothing less of ecstatic to be in my small bubble yet eager to still pushing outward. I live my current life looking to do more. What though? Don't know. That is the part of life that I still need to live through to figure out. 

My quest to make a difference in this world will never be deserted. The "world" is just more clarified now.

But for now, thank you John Green for reminding me that emotion is nothing to run away from. I am one person and the imprint I leave in this world will be with those who surround me. I hope this blog has done some good in evoking emotion in some of you. Happy, annoyed, confused, thoughtful - either way, thank you for being here.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Wind storms

I believe this would be the moment Julie Andrews comes into my room singing of raindrops and roses while trying to cut up my curtains to make play clothes. 

The weather has been so undecidedly tempered with bursts of sunshine accompanied by gusts of strong winds and then suddenly the clouds bully into the picture and further spur the winds of Zeus to deliver the message - You shalt not enjoy your weekends.

I don't know what I'm spouting on about but it IS Sunday evening and I have been indoors all day long. Not that I really mind as I am more of a homebody than most people I know but I do still have this antsy itch to go outside to do something for even a quick minute. 

But the second my toe touches the cold unforgiving brick doorstep, my body automatically shrivels into an odd U shape and I quickly shut the door. Maybe later.

The winds are at bay-

my 'Keeping It Cool' reaction

Not that I'm worried you think I'll land in Oz?

Walking through markets

I've been trying a new thing lately. I've been trying to do something different with the boy on date nights. One of which has been to cook new delicacies (ie. food) and today's creation was hot pot with mushrooms, watercress, some kind of choi, taro, tofu, squid, cilantro, and beef! Mmmm

Anyway, as I've walked through these asian markets, I see and remember many unique foreign foods. Many of which I have probably eaten but many new sights to see. 

***Side note: people who visit other cultural markets, restaurants, stores, etc... You must have an open mind and realize life is different outside of your bubble. Just because you are not familiar with eating one type of animal does not make it offensive to your ears hearing that someone else will. It is only sensical to respect other customs. End of rant.

I used to go to supermarkets with my mom after school ALL the time. Read: ALL THE TIME. And as a child, this experience was typically highly unpleasant as we seemed to never fail arriving at rush hour, cart battling to get through the cramped aisles, and fight through the parking lot to find our little Camry through the sea of Hondas and Toyotas.

Now as an adult walking though the market, I start to learn the value of I had once referred to as the Black Hole of Supermarketing Madness (BHSM) and though it is not "fun" I rather enjoy the low prices and large variety.

Ok, point of this blog entry - I find the funniest things and I figured I should start sharing so...

Ah the beauty of asian markets.

Oh and today was St. Patrick's Day so... Happy S.P. Day!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Pi Day!

It's Pi

not pie.

I realize that time flies by a lot faster while working than while schooling. I suppose it is in the routine - wake up, eat, work, eat, work, eat, shower, sleep. 

Woot woot.

But the magic of it all is finding a new routine within the typical routine. ie. weeknights could be turned into cooking extravaganzas, workout fun, movie nights while weekends could be spent outdoors hiking/biking/triking/liking/striking

My main point is that the most valuable motivational tool is you. You you you! You can change your outlook on what is "boring" and make it fun! The effort it takes to make yourself happy is worth it.

Like tv? Watch tv! Like organizing? Clean your room, reorganize your closet! Find a new project to engage in, you'll be so proud afterward =)

I'm going to take my own advice and make my nights more worthwhile. Updating tomorrow! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sitting alone inside a Starbucks with my little Tall Soy Chai Latte while pretending to be engrossed in the importance of my simple blog is quite hard work. But here I am, working as hard as possible. And I think I'm quite convincing if I do say so myself. 

Hello all, I do actually remember my monthly goals list and yes, this month's goals were ambiguous and quite frankly purposely noncommittal.  I envisioned myself stepping beyond my comfort bubble and traveling through the city to see new sights and tastes the unfamiliar flavors LA has to offer. 

Well, it is March 11 and all I can say I've done is: 

1. Read a little more (but still not the original book I had set out to read)
2. Cook new foods - thank you countless delicious crabs.
3. ....

Yup, that's it! I'm close to the middle of the month and that's it! It's ok, it's always good to take a quick pause and reevaluate what your original intentions were. My goal for the next few weeks is to try not only a new restaurant, but new cultural delights. I want to go visit the monuments that I should be proud of living near. I want to learn how to say a certain phrase in many different languages. 

Ok, enough of the monthly goal update, let's see what else has happened today:

- I woke up to the time change feeling cheated by the loss of a good hour of sleep. The bags under my eyes seem to have gone on strike a few days before but today? Back in full force.

- I had a spicy noodle soupy lunch with my family and was very entertained by the Chinese Zodiac breakdown on our placemats. I am a Tiger and apparently we are aggressive, candid, yet sensitive. I never knew I possessed these characteristics. If I created my own zodiac animal, this is how it would look:

Somewhere between a camel and a giraffe. Which is the result of the Camgiffe (cam-gif) or should it be Giramel (Gee-rah-mel)??

Description? Someone who has high esteem and ever-lasting dedication. They love traveling long distances and can see the higher values in life.

I'm a genius! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Project B is underway

Ok, I have to just push my reading goals back again...I just cannot get into it! I still have not picked up my TFIOS since my last post, I suppose too much has happened lately.

Regardless, it will be read this week but until then, I would like to share my other goals in progress. Project B, aka Project Battlefield, is going to be kicked off (again) since my drawing is sitting there sadly. 

my arm is missing

My goal is to create a larger poster mixed medium drawing of Jimmy's favorite video game characters all meshed together. I am going to finish this sketch, ink it, and move onto creating the rest of the crew. =) 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ok, now we start

Oops, got caught up in the weekend of healingness. I might be making up words but since I no longer feel like breathing is a terrible punishment, I decided to venture out and see what the rest of the world was doing.

Turns out, people were still...doing stuff!

So in honor of my Trying To Culture Myself month, Jimmy and I had our make up date and cooked as a couple for the first time!

We headed to the supermarket, bought seafood and veggies and mmm...

One goal done and now...onto that first thing I mentioned a few days ago...hehe?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Goals

Oh, I'm only a few days late... Eep!

Pardon my tardiness, I was extremely sick these past few days and had to rush home for some TLC...only to find the internet had completely shut down *perfect timing* so I could not update my monthly goals list.

Let's move onto the important part.


This month I would like to put more effort into culturing myself. I want to try new foods, learn new customs, read more, and just having more of an open mind.

Big goal list but it just takes a little step at a time. Enriching your palette is another step towards growth in my opinion. 

I'm going to try to break this month's progress down into steps. As I accomplish one, I will share one and I cannot say that this will be very cohesive as I am making it up as I go but here's step one starting on March 3rd!

Step One: Read more. 

Starting with A Fault In Our Stars by John Green. 

See you after I'm done.