Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why I believe in ocassional junk food

Yes, you read that correctly. I believe in junk food - where is my "I Love JF" badge? Although I suppose that could be mistaken for John F Kennedy or even Justin Fever...neither. I'm talking about Junk Food, homies!

I feel that it is very important to maintain a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, meat/poultry/fish, and carbs (I love carbs! That's my next badge idea...or maybe even a license plate...) but to completely cut sweets and slight junky snacks from my diet forever? Gasp. How I can I exist without dessert? (desSert not desert)

Here is one of my all time favorites: Ferrero Rocher

So pretty in its gold wrapping and classic packaging. It's like holding a tiny chocolate ball of memories. And they are so versatile too!

They are good to decorate yourself with.

Great to hide blemishes with.

Opening each is like a surprise - completely similar to the Willy Wonka experience. Minus the actual golden ticket...

And such a fantastic sleeping companion!

Healthy is good and yet snacking on chocolate/chips/cake is good too! Just in moderation =)

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