Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This update is great. At least that rhymes

So it's about mid-February and my goal to make healthier decisions has been quite inconsistent. 

First off is the focus on healthier eating. 

Diet (one of my most hated words) as in how you eat and what you eat, is very important to our well-being. In terms of my eating habits? Well, I'm definitely eating healthier overall. Over the course of a year but for two weeks, it's a mediocre effort.

I need to do better! The only improvement thus far is more home cooked meals, more veggies, and less meats. I shall continue to improve.

Secondly, exercise. 

I've been okay in this department. Not great but still considerably better than the last six to eight months. 

What's helped most is that I set a steady schedule to fit at least an hour of exercise twice a week. I want to get back to three/four times a week as I did for ten years plus prior to Studio classes. I will try to boost my workouts another level and try to be more active on weekends. It's doable! As long as you try to try, you can succeed. =)

Last, mental well-being. 

I have made a great effcrt to taking care of my mental health by taking necessary breaks throughout work, trying to go outside to enjoy the fresh air and sun at least once a day, smiling more, letting things go that bother me, resolving feelings early in the situation. Loving myself more is crucial in my growth.

Loving myself never seems to be a problem though.

BTWxyz, I'm going to try to figure out a more consistent schedule for blogging - say every Monday through Thursday or every other day or...we'll figure it out. Just know that I will not let go of this blog any time soon!

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