Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

It's that time again! Tricky Feb 29th has snuck up on us. Apparently there are some people freaking out with confusion on the reason for having an extra day every four years. Calm down, crazies, it's a scientific adjustment to make up for the extra hours per year that are not counted in our regular calendars.

Confused? Apparently there are not 365 days in a year, technically it is 365 days and "x" amount of hours. So to even our the count, an extra day is added every four years. Google it if you're still interested!

With an extra day in the year I suppose we all would want to have taken advantage and do something meaningful but guess what? I spent the entire day being sick sick and staying in my pjs and abusing my tissue boxes. I did manage to do major cleaning around the house in order to sanitize everything. Don't want to spread my adorable germs!

March is tomorrow! If you can remember, my February goal was to eat healthier, exercise more, and just make healthier choices. Well, I did somewhat accomplish my goal by exercising a bit more for the first two weeks of the month and then it dwindled down to just once during the third week and now I'm sitting here not wanting to move. 

Diet-wise I incorporated a lot more veggies but then last week the entire process went down the drain. Since I had a birthday and anniversary, my willingness to eat healthy went away and while I was not awful, I definitely felt guilty - hence my junk food ban this week. Eep!

March. What should my next goal be? I'm going to continue trying to make healthier decisions and I do want to blog more...hmm

I think a good point of doing these monthly goals and documenting them is that I gain something. Whether it's health consciousness or mental enrichment, I want to make every step count. I'll think of a March goal and report on it tomorrow. See you all then!

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