Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ick I am sIck



Puffs vs Kleenex

A ban on junk food


Q: Which of those four items do not belong?



Hehe, I'm exaggerating. Hello healthy folk, I am not one of you today. I woke up with a sniffly nose and a lack of tissues. Eep!

Four hours later and I'm back at home with a work laptop. Oh world, how you humor me. It's only Tuesday so three more days to go!

So yes, I've given up junk food for a week. Junk food meaning sugary candies, chips, excessive cheese, sweet coffee/tea drinks, etc... I've given up sodas for over a year now and have not really felt any desire to turn back. I shared my one week challenge with coworkers and one asked, "what are you doing this for?" 

Silly to hear this but I understand what he means. We all glance at our 'American diet' without a second thought, our heavily sauced meals are topped off with sugary drinks and giant desserts. I am not a diet freak and am not obsessed with calorie counts or anything to lose weight. This is not about the number. 

I feel like we should all try to better our lifestyles as we age- be it exercise, diet, or anything else. Life is always about bettering yourself for your future self. Confused yet? Perfect.

Bottom line - I am going to continue on my one week hiatus to cut out junk food. It is really a test to see what foods I crave and what I want or do not want in my diet. I do kind of miss my after dinner chocolate though.

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