Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello February!

Oh my knee caps (??) it is already February 2012. I know exactly where January went. It went to Disneyland and said, "Screw you New Years Resolution Hypocrites!" Maybe a tad dramatic but whatever, let's welcome the new month with a new goal.

This month I have decided not to do any daily blogging because the main goal is to make healthier choices. This extends from diet to lifestyle, eating better (less sugar soon!) and sleeping earlier (ohmygoshit'salready11:30pm!) and exercising more. So far I've done pretty well since the middle of January but I want to go at this with full force this month. I will definitely give updates and share what experiences I have.

I will be honest and say that I won't be giving up all my junk food any time soon. I do not believe in diets and cutting certain foods completely out of my diet. Instead, I just want to control the amount of junk food and introduce more vegetables and fruits into my daily routine. Sugary desserts will be the most difficult to control. Get a grip, woman!

What are your new monthly goals?

Kiwi be friends?

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