Friday, February 24, 2012

Feeling spoiled, the good kind of spoiled

So I celebrated yet another birthday earlier this week. I believe I am one of the minority that really enjoys birthdays and really appreciates getting older. Yes, I did just say (type) that.

But yes now I am officially 26 and depending on which end of the spectrum you are, this age may either seem really old or really young. Regardless, I love aging another year - learning new lessons and living new experiences whilst putting old memories into the ole memory safe. Locked and safe but never lost.

Even as I age another year, I still feel that slight joy in seeing loving messages/texts/skywriting from friends and family on "my" little day. Which brings me to an important point for today's bloggy blog.

Life is short, life is significant, and life is worth celebrating. Every second of it. I don't think you can ever be too old to be celebrated. To be spoiled by loved ones is 100% just as wonderful and exciting as spoiling others.

I just had a fantastical night, feeling like the ultimate spoiled brat and I absolutely cherished every moment of it. I say, spoil your friends and family and then allow them to spoil you once in a while. It's important to take a break from stinginess, it's worth that splurge.

I am so blessed to be living the life that I live. And as I record it here - I never want to forget how fortunate I am. Thank you all.

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