Thursday, February 16, 2012

A day to remember

I know technically it is February 16th at this early hour of the morning but since I have not gone to sleep yet, it's still February 15th to me.

Guess what today officially is? You guessed it!

It's Wednesday!

Wee? Oh yes, and it is my nine year anniversary with a certain weirdo.

If you're thinking, "which weirdo?" shaddup, Yua/Frodo/May/Mom/Dad/whoever else is reading this.

Nine years ago today this weirdo took me out on my first day-after-Valentines date in my life. It was meant for Valentines but let's keep this story short. We sat and drew the night away whilst our singing waiters walked circles around us. The night felt short and soon after, I awkwardly looked away while he "secretly" paid the bill (I should have offered! Too shy I suppose and now ... too late! tee hee) and we were off.

The next portion of the story is too ooey gooey for me to type out here but it was one of the most beautiful nights and many many years later, here we are.

circa...long time ago heheh

It's a small celebration in our hearts because despite the number, we know it is small in comparison to the number of years to come. 

I have a terrible memory at times, specifically when each event took place as they have mostly blurred into my memory. But all I know is this:

It's Daddy Long Legs, dummy.

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